F17 Formwork plywood

CHANTA F17 formwork plywood is a high-quality building plywood specially produced for Australia and New Zealand.

CHANTA F17 Formwork plywood edges are sealed with 3 times water-dispersible acrylic paint.

CHANTA F17 plywood is plywood made from a high density overlay (HDO) of phenolic resin infused with a paper binder that gives you an amazing molding finish and its structural integrity allows for multiple reuse up to 20 to 30 times in the concrete, building and construction industries.

F17 plywood for strong, stable, concrete formwork

Product GradeSheet Size (mm)Thicknesses   (mm)Weight (kg/sheet)Parallel to face grainPerpendicular to face grainCoreMaterials



Momentof inertiaSectionmodulusMomentof inertiaSectionmodulus
F17 CHANTA1800×120012, 17, 19 & 2524240.027.6178.022.9Full hardwood40 / 43
F17 CHANTA2400×120012, 17, 19 & 2532240.027.6178.022.9Full hardwood40 / 43


CHANTA special custom HDO film surface does not absorb water.
It doesn’t expand or contract.
The strong, smooth surface guarantees first-class concrete quality and can be reused, increasing the service life of F17plywood

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It is made of high-grade all-hardwood veneer and A bond waterproof a glue, which has superior bonding strength.
Inclined joints and hot melt welding technology avoid every possible gap.
Ensures excellent hardness and stability.

f17 core


The Edges 4 Times Sealed With Waterproof Paint In The Factory For Minimise Moisture Penetration.Chanta Specializing in high quality plywood.