How to make waterproof plywood?

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ABSTRACT:(1) Selection of raw materials and treatment of raw materials; (2) Veneer finishing; (3) Gluing; (4) Paving group blank; (5) Pre-press molding; (6) Spray paint; (7) Hot pressing ; (8) shaping; (9) spraying pai...

Waterproof plywood is also called marine board. It adopts Tyre glue imported from Finland and has excellent weather resistance. It can be boiled for 72 hours without opening the glue or separating the layer. Use good beech wood and wood as raw materials to make the board core, and the surface is B grade. The production process is made by vacuum and pressure drying.

(1) Selection of raw materials and treatment of raw materials; 

(2) Veneer finishing; 

(3) Gluing; 

(4) Paving group blank;

 (5) Pre-press molding; 

(6) Spray paint;

 (7) Hot pressing ;

 (8) shaping;

 (9) spraying paint; by sawing, peeling, and peeling the logs to form veneers, then the veneers are glued and formed, pre-pressed, painted, hot pressed, and finished The plywood is formed into a plywood, and there is little waste of logs in the production process, and the plywood made has the effect of light weight, clear lines, insulation, high strength, and resistance to deformation.

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