Pine wood timber

Pine wood timber

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Glue: E0,E1,E2,Others
Delivery Time: 1 days after payment
Payment: L/C,T/T,D/P,Western Union

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Wood Timber profile

               Pine Wood Timber pure wood with bright color, smooth wood texture without knots, normal wood fiber arrangement,moisture content of special wood square for construction meets the requirements, and a variety of specifications are available for selection.

Wood timber feature and advantage

      1. In civil construction projects, the construction wood is often used as the corrugated wood of the concrete formwork, which can play a role in strengthening the formwork.

  2. In terms of house decoration, building wood is often used as wooden keel, including floor decoration, which plays a very important role.

  3. In terms of building construction, building wood was also used as a pillar material in ancient times

4. In the production of furniture, architectural wood is often used as the backbone of many furniture, playing a supporting role.

  At the same time, construction wood usually plays a role in civil construction in life, and can effectively play a seismic reinforcement effect. Therefore, in life, construction wood plays a decisive role in civil engineering.

Wood Timber Specification     

Product name
 wood timber 
pine/Pinus radiata/hemlock spruce/Douglas fir etc.
furniture grade/construction grade/Engineering springboard
standard export package
Delivery Time
15~20days after receiving the deposit or L/C
TT or L/C at sight
Building timber Specifications
35×38/37×87/40×60/40×70 and so on ,as your request.
Engineering springboard Specifications
40×250/40×300/50×250/50×300 and so on ,as your request.
Engineering sleeper Specifications
100×100/200×200/300×300 and so on ,as your request.
2m/2.5m/3m/4m and so on ,as your request.

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