Log Debarker

Log Debarker

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Glue: E0,E1,E2,Others
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log debarker machine

1.Increase of single and  double roll’s diameter, improving the  speed of remove skin.

2.Single, double roll surface  with chrome plating, improve wear resisting of roller.

3.The hydraulic feeding mechanism, a cutter, rapid, and feed pressure can be adjusted and display, adapt to different wood . 

4.Simple operation, convenient maintenance, requirements for operators and workers is not high technology.

5.With hydraulic fedding system, it can work quickly and efficiently.

6.One debarker can supply two peeling machines. It can save the original manual peeling and rounding procedure, saving 5-6 workers.


8ft Log Debarker 

4ft Log Debarker

Length of peeler log 



Diameter of peeler log 






Size of the blade 




Total Power 

Double roller motor 2x11 kw

Double roller motor 11 kw

Single roller motor 2x7.5 kw

Single roller motor 7.5 kw

 Hydraulic roller motor 7.5 kw

Hydraulic roller motor 5.5 kw

Overall size




About 6000KG

About 4200KG

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