What is the standard specification of plywood?



Although not everyone is exposed to the building materials industry, but building materials are used by everyone, and now the new building materials on the market are more and more, understanding some relevant building materials information is still very good for our lives, here we will understand plywood, see what plywood standard specifications are and what are the main points of plywood purchase.



What are the standard specifications of plywood?


Plywood is a three-layer or multi-layer plate-like material made of wood segments cut into veneer or thin wood cut by wood square planing, and then glued with adhesive. Usually, odd layers of veneer are used, and the fiber directions of adjacent layers of veneer are vertically glued to each other.


Plywood is one of the commonly used materials for furniture, one of the three major panels of wood-based panels, and can also be used for aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, buildings and packaging boxes. A group of veneers is usually formed by gluing each other vertically according to the direction of adjacent layers of wood grain, and usually the surface plate and the inner plate are proportionally arranged on both sides of the layer or board core. A slab made of gelled veneers crisscrossed in the direction of wood grain and pressed under heated or unheated conditions. The number of layers is usually odd, and a few have even numbers. The difference of physical and mechanical properties in vertical and horizontal directions is small. Commonly used types of plywood are plywood, plywood and so on. Plywood can improve the utilization rate of wood and is a main way to save wood.


The length and width specifications of plywood are generally 1220×2440mm, and the thickness specifications are 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18mm, etc. The main tree species are camphor, willow, poplar, eucalyptus and so on. The main producers of plywood are Indonesia and Malaysia.


Now the use of plywood is more and more wide, it is suitable for creating a variety of furniture and a variety of wood products, beautiful, generous and excellent stability. When we buy, we should choose the right plywood specifications according to needs, of course, health issues must be considered, so we should pay attention to the quality of the board, and try to choose more environmentally friendly plywood.


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