Do you really know plywood?

1.what is plywood?

Plywood, in fact, is a kind of sheet made of adhesive. The front side of the plywood is called the “panel”, and the opposite side is called the “backplane”. The middle one is called the “core plate”. Under normal circumstances, the board core is made of some wood cut into thin slices, and then paste these sheets layer by layer according to the direction of the wood grain, and then put the panel and the inner board on both sides of the board core or the center layer, and then use the coated veneer, according to the direction of the wood grain staggered superposition into the board blank, and then after heating and pressing. Common are 12mm plywood, 18mm plywood and so on. Common plywood materials are poplar, pine. Birch and so on.


2.What are the advantages of plywood?


Because plywood is some thin skin bonded together, these sheets also form a right Angle structure, as we all know, the right Angle structure will be better strength, not easy to crack and not easy to bend.


Plywood is composed of some thin skin bonding, so the price will be lower than other sheet prices.

3. Wide range of use

Plywood is not only used in home decoration, such as aircraft, ships and containers have places that need to use plywood.


3.what are the disadvantages of plywood?

1. Smoothness

The surface of plywood is not as smooth as density board and solid wood, so it is often not used as a window facade.


2. Not moisture-proof

Plywood because it is made of multi-layer sheet, so if the plywood layer is not bonded well, it is easy to become wet.Now there are also many moisture-proof and waterproof plywood.


3. Contains formaldehyde

Plywood is made of adhesives, so it contains formaldehyde.

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