Features of furniture made from pine.

Features of pine furniture


1. Advantages

(1) Pine belongs to coniferous forest species, growth marks and textures are particularly outstanding. After the furniture is made, it does not need too much processing and polishing, and it can show the real natural beauty of the material.

(2) The pine furniture takes a simple and elegant route in the shape, the line is beautiful and smooth, and the atmosphere is remarkable.

(3) The service life of good quality pine is very long, as long as after some maintenance, long-term use is no problem. Pine wood is very strong in quality, not easy to be damaged, high preservation value, and its advantages are very large compared with general wood.

(4) Pine will spontaneously emit the original wood fragrance, the smell is relatively general, there is no fragrance. But this smell will not cause any harm to the human body, and good for physical and mental health, pine is also known as green building materials, wood color is very good.

2. Disadvantages

(1) The whole wood of pine furniture is soft, easy to crack and deform, and its moisture content is high, so the moisture-proof measures of pine must be done well. In the processing design, the pine must be dry, otherwise it is very easy to crack during processing.

(2) Some pine furniture will come with some knots, some people will feel that this is a symbol of nature, but some people do not like it.


Pine furniture cleaning and maintenance


1, alkali washing method

Use 8% to 10% of the edible soda water solution or 4% to 6% of caustic soda solution to clean the pine furniture with pine oil, you can achieve the ideal cleaning effect, oil and alkali through the neutralization and soap box glycerin, and then use a sponge or brush dipped in hot water to scrub.

2. The eradication method

If the pine oil oozes more locally, it can be cleaned by eradication method. Remove the area with a spatula, then smooth it with mud. After removal, it is necessary to scrub with alcohol or apply a layer of rubber varnish, which can prevent the pine oil that is not removed from the pine wood from oozing out and affecting the paint film.

3. Rinse method

Add 20g of bleach powder to 0.5kg of warm water to dissolve it, brush the parts without pine oil repeatedly with this solution until slightly white, then rinse with water, and apply a layer of shellac varnish.

4. Dissolution method

Using 25% acetone solution to dissolve pine oil, you can also use 20% acetone solution and a small amount of alkali mixed for scrubbing, can also achieve the cleaning effect.


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