How to choose plywood? Check out this article!

Plywood is the use of glue in a certain period of time under the temperature and pressure, the veneer or sheet formed by spinning cut wood is glued to form a sheet-like material. Plywood is often used in home improvement, in the face of a variety of plywood on the market, how to choose? What are the advantages of plywood? Find out with me below.

How to choose plywood

1, see whether it is environmentally friendly, whether the release of harmful gases meets national standards, especially whether the free formaldehyde released by glue exceeds the standard. For these too professional things, the vast majority of owners may not understand, can not be determined, Xiaobian tells you, you can choose to see whether the manufacturer has China environmental label product certification, because to pass the certification, must be based on the quality and environmental protection of the double standards as the premise.


2, look at the appearance, at the time of purchase, it should be clear to see whether each plywood has bubbling, cracks, wormholes, damage, stains, defects and repair stickers are too large.

Some plywood is made of two different lines of veneer paste together, so in the selection, should pay attention to whether the splint seam is tight, whether there is uneven phenomenon.


3, look at the process, plywood plywood plywood has the difference between the front and the back. At the time of purchase, the plywood surface should have clear wood grain, the front should be smooth and flat without hysteresis, the reverse should not be rough at least, do not have nodes; Even if there is, it should be smooth and beautiful, without affecting the construction.

If the plywood is degumming, it will not only affect the construction, but also cause greater pollution. Therefore, in the selection of plywood should pay attention to see whether there is a degumming phenomenon, in the selection can be used to knock the plywood parts, if the sound is crisp and uniform, it proves that the quality is good; If the sound is dull and uneven, it means that the splint has been dispersed.


4, look at the material, the price of different tree species is different. Owners can purchase different types of materials according to different needs.


Second, what are the advantages of plywood?


1. Plywood has all the advantages of natural wood, such as heavy light, high strength, beautiful texture, insulation, etc., and can make up for some defects naturally produced by natural wood, such as knot, small format, deformation, large vertical and horizontal mechanical differences.


2, plywood production can make reasonable use of logs.


3, due to the small deformation of plywood, large format, convenient construction, not easy warping, cross grain tensile resistance and other advantages. Therefore, the product is mainly used in furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, residential construction with a variety of plates. It is followed by shipbuilding, car manufacturing, various military, light industrial products and packaging and other industrial sectors.

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