Uncovering the basics of film faced plywood.

Film faced plywood


Film faced plywood(Building plywood), a crucial component in construction and architecture, come in various sizes and specifications to meet diverse project needs. This overview sheds light on the commonly used dimensions, specifications, and the versatile applications of these boards.


Common Sizes and Specifications:

Standard Dimensions: Building plywood typically come in standard sheet sizes, with common dimensions including 4 feet by 8 feet (1220mm x 2440mm) .These dimensions provide versatility in application across various construction scenarios.

Thickness Options: The thickness of Building plywood varies to accommodate different structural requirements. Standard thickness options range from 1/8 inch (3mm) to 3/4 inch (18mm), allowing for flexibility in choosing the appropriate board for specific projects.


Weather-Resistant Film Faced Plywood for Extreme Climates:

Conquer extreme weather conditions with our weather-resistant film faced plywood, designed to withstand fluctuations in temperature, humidity, and other environmental challenges.


Resin-Coated Phenolic Film Faced Plywood for Enhanced Chemical Resistance:

Safeguard against corrosive chemicals in industrial settings with our phenolic resin-coated film faced plywood, providing an additional layer of defense against chemical wear and tear.


Seamless Integration with CNC Machining for Precise Construction:

Optimize precision in construction projects with our film faced plywood, seamlessly integrating with CNC machining for accurate cuts and shapes, ensuring a perfect fit every time.


Customizable Thickness Options for Varied Load-Bearing Requirements:

Tailor your construction solutions further by choosing from our range of customizable thickness options, allowing you to meet specific load-bearing and structural requirements with ease.

Sustainable Building Credits with LEED-Compliant Film Faced Plywood:

Embrace environmentally conscious construction practices and earn sustainable building credits by choosing our LEED-compliant film faced plywood, contributing to green building certifications.


FSC-Certified Film Faced Plywood for Ethical and Responsible Resourcing:

Align your construction projects with ethical and responsible practices by opting for our FSC-certified film faced plywood, sourced from forests adhering to the highest standards of sustainability.


Innovative Edge Sealing Technology for Enhanced Longevity:

Experience prolonged durability with our film faced plywood, featuring innovative edge sealing technology that protects against moisture ingress and ensures longevity in challenging conditions.


Comprehensive Warranty Coverage for Peace of Mind:

Invest confidently in our film faced plywood, backed by comprehensive warranty coverage that provides peace of mind and reassurance in the longevity of your construction projects.



As you embark on your construction journey, make the strategic choice for enduring quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility. Our Film Faced Plywood stands as a testament to these values, ensuring that your projects not only meet but exceed expectations. Elevate your construction standards, enhance your efficiency, and build with confidence – because when it comes to the foundation of success, our Film Faced Plywood is unparalleled. Choose excellence, choose sustainability, choose the future of construction.

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