what is Film faced plywood?

What kind of material is Film Faced Plywood?

As a temporary support structure, Film Faced Plywood has provided great convenience for the load-bearing demoulding of our buildings since its emergence. The Film Faced Plywood can be said to be a reinforced board for ordinary wooden plywood, which not only has the high cost performance of ordinary wooden plywood, but also has stronger compression resistance than ordinary wooden plywood. As the name suggests, Film Faced Plywood are based on ordinary wooden templates with added film paper. This layer of film paper provides the wooden plywood with better pressure resistance, waterproofing and moisture-proofing capabilities. It avoids the step of applying release agent and can be in direct contact with the concrete without causing pollution.

What are the commonly used Film Faced Plywood ? what is the difference?

First of all, Film Faced Plywood is an indispensable and important material in construction projects, so it accounts for a considerable proportion of the entire project cost. Therefore, choosing the right Film Faced Plywood can save money and shorten the construction period! However, among the many types of Film Faced Plywood, wooden plywood is the most commonly used.

  1. Red face template

Red-faced plywood is a type of Film Faced Plywood used in the early days. Its surface is made of red melamine waterproof glue, and its core is made of different wood materials such as poplar, pine, and eucalyptus. Due to its low weight and easy use, it is usually suitable for some basements, factories, and ground floor construction.

  1. Phenolic mirror template

The architectural phenolic mirror film faced plywood is an upgraded product of the architectural red-faced film faced plywood. It uses strict materials, the drier the core material, the better, and the production cycle is long. They are all formed by secondary hot pressing. Its surface uses more advanced phenolic glue, which makes the surface smoother and easier to demould. Because its surface is as smooth as a mirror, it is named mirror template. The waterproofness of phenolic glue mirror Film Faced Plywood is better than that of ordinary Film Faced Plywood, and the price of Film Faced Plywood is also more expensive than that of melamine glue.

  1. Film Faced Plywood

The laminated template is the best quality among the three products. It is made of a good substrate covered with a layer of laminated paper, and then the laminated paper and the substrate are heated and pressed. Its surface adopts laminating technology and is double-sided. They are all covered with black or red laminated paper made of special glue. The surface of the film-coated board is smooth, bright, waterproof, and fireproof. It has excellent durability (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and strong anti-fouling ability. The use of film board construction makes the surface of the cement mold smoother and can better Demoulding avoids secondary ash, greatly improves work efficiency and saves manpower and material resources. At the same time, it will not cause any pollution to the building, and the amount of harmful gases can be strictly controlled.

Chanta Film Faced Plywood adopts a complete core. The film faced plywood has high strength, is not easy to crack, and has a high number of uses. It has a complete range of large and small film faced plywood specifications, and can customize film faced plywood solutions according to customer needs.

What are the advantages of Chanta Film Faced Plywood compared with ordinary membrane panels?

Do you know what Film Faced Plywood are commonly used in construction projects? They include wood film faced plywood, steel film faced plywood, plywood film faced plywood, plastic film faced plywood and aluminum alloy film faced plywood. Among them, wooden film faced plywood is widely used in the construction field. The construction industry has always been a relatively hot industry. With the continuous progress of society and the continuous improvement of science and technology, the performance requirements for Film Faced Plywood in construction site construction are getting higher and higher. There are many types of film faced plywood on the market, such as building cladding panels and ordinary red film faced plywood. So, what are the advantages of Film Faced Plywood compared with ordinary plywood?

  1. Large format:The format of the CHANTA Film Faced Plywoodis 2440*1220mm, which can reduce the number of seams and improve the efficiency of film faced plywood support. The template is not easy to warp, deform, crack, has excellent water resistance, and can be used multiple times. Demolding is easy, only 1/7 of steel mold.
  2. Light weight: Film Faced Plywood cladding panels are lightweight and easier to use in high-rise building and bridge construction.
  3. High turnover times: Under correct storage and use conditions, Film Faced Plywoodcan be reused 5-30 times or more.
  4. Strong water resistance: The Film Faced Plywoodare made of phenolic resin hot-pressed and bonded with excellent water resistance. The glue will not open when boiled in water for 4 hours, and the concrete will not deform when exposed to water during curing.
  5. Good thermal insulation:Building film-coated panels are beneficial to winter construction and can be used as curved plane film faced plywood, which is beneficial to thermal insulation.
  6. Good construction function: The Film Faced Plywoodhas better nailing, sawing, drilling and other functions than bamboo plywood, small steel plates and other materials, and can be processed into various shapes of templates according to construction needs.

Chanta Film Faced Plywood uses exclusive cladding paper, which has been precision machined to make it super flat and as smooth as demoulding, making the concrete surface super flat and smooth! Moreover, it can also eliminate plastering operations, save a lot of time and reduce the burden on workers. It’s lightweight, easy to cut, easy to nail, and has great construction performance! Not only that, you can also make various special-shaped boards to improve construction efficiency, which is really super convenient and practical!



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