What is the difference between plywood and multilayer board? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Where is the difference between plywood and multilayer board, how to look, how to distinguish, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Plywood and multilayer board are two different wood panels, their main difference is the production method and structure.

Plywood is made by pressing multiple layers of wood sheets, in which the middle board is bonded using an adhesive. The multi-layer board is made by cutting the multi-layer wood sheet in the form of sawtooth, and then using adhesive to bond.

Plywood has good water resistance, and has a good flatness. This makes them an ideal material for interior decoration. In addition, the material is relatively easy to process, so it can be cut, drilled or slotted as needed.

However, multilayer boards have a better density and are therefore also more durable than plywood. In addition, because of its different assembly methods, the multi-layer board also has a slight advantage in processing.

Plywood is a composite board made of wood sheets and adhesives after drying and processing. It has high strength, stiffness and durability, and is often used in furniture, flooring, decoration, cabin and so on. The multi-layer board usually has better performance than the single-layer plywood, so it is widely used in industrial, furniture and decoration fields.

Whether it is plywood or multi-layer board, they have certain advantages and disadvantages. For example, plywood is susceptible to moisture and deformation, and does not have good impact resistance; The multilayer

board is relatively strong and durable, but is susceptible to deformation due to moisture. In addition, neither material is resistant to high temperatures and both are susceptible to flame.

In short, plywood and multilayer board are common wood or artificial boards. They have some differences in ease of use, strength, density and durability. Therefore, the choice should be made according to the specific situation.

Multilayer and plywood are different in many ways. However, the biggest difference is that the multilayer board is made of plywood with multiple layers of cross-construction, while the plywood has only one surface. This

means that the multilayer board has strong structural strength and is not susceptible to water, moisture and other humid environments.

The multi-layer board also has high durability and can resist the invasion of strong weather such as wind, rain, snow and rain. In addition, its surface is also dustproof, corrosion resistance, impact resistance. Therefore, multilayer panels are usually used for interior decoration or for covering important parts, such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements, etc.

However, multilayer boards also have some disadvantages. First of all, due to its large thickness, it is relatively difficult to install. In addition, the multi-layer board is also relatively flammable, once the fire will cause serious casualties and property losses

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