Which is better, birch or pine? This article makes you understand.

Which is better, birch or pine?

1. Explain some advantages and disadvantages of birch

(1) The main advantages of birch: the furniture made of birch is basically particularly easy to process, resistant, smooth section, and good paint and gluing performance. Birch is elastic, easily cracks and warps when dry, and is not wear-resistant. Birch rings are also slightly obvious, the texture is straight and particularly obvious, the material structure is delicate and soft and smooth, and the texture is soft or moderate. Birch bark is also more flexible and beautiful. Most manufacturers like to use birch as a core material for other furniture or as a parquet material.

(2) Disadvantages of birch: the fiber shear resistance of birch furniture is relatively poor, especially prone to “stubble break”, birch its roots and joints are generally more patterns, moisture absorption is relatively large, easy to crack warping when dry, not wear-resistant.


2, the advantages and disadvantages of pine:

(1) Advantages of pine: Most of the pine furniture is simple and generous, the lines are full and smooth, the processing method of less carving is environmentally friendly and healthy, it looks more natural and beautiful, the natural wood stripes, without any modification, all the wood grain is presented one by one for us, and it looks very beautiful and classy at home. The pine furniture belongs to natural and environmentally friendly wood, and it is very beautiful in appearance. The color is also very good, with a light wood smell.

(2) The disadvantages of pine: pine furniture is soft, can not bear too heavy weight, can not be used as load-bearing furniture; In addition, pine furniture can be processed as furniture wood after drying treatment, because of the difference in processing technology, the dehydration and degreasing of pine wood are basically different, if the processing technology is not good, pine furniture is very easy to dry because of dehydration and degreasing.


2. What are the uses of birch and pine?

1, the use of birch: Birch wood is mainly light brown to reddish-brown, generally have a shiny surface and smooth mechanism. Yellow-white and then slightly brown, the rings are more obvious, the wood body is pure and fine, slightly heavy and hard, fine structure, high mechanical strength, elastic, high moisture absorption, dry and easy to crack warping. It is not very durable in an environment prone to decay, and more of it is used in a form of splint. Birch is commonly used for specialty plywood and flooring as well as furniture, paper pulp, interior trim materials, vehicle and boat equipment, plywood, etc. The furniture produced is generally smooth and wear-resistant, with clear patterns. It is now used for construction, parquet work and interior framing.

2, the use of pine: the use of pine is very wide, from construction, telephone poles, to furniture, farm tools are used. In addition, pine can still be used to make paper pulp one of the main raw materials, as well as charcoal will also be made of pine. Moreover, pine trunks are rich in turpentine, which can be used to extract rosin and turpentine. Pine nuts also contain high protein, of which red pine nuts or a Chinese herbal medicine.

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