Why is film faced plywood becoming more popular?

Film faced plywood is becoming more and more favored in the construction industry for its unique advantages, which not only improve the efficiency of construction, but also show excellent performance in terms of quality and environmental protection. chantagroup, a professional manufacturer, with advanced production technology and quality control, provides the market with a high standard of film faced plywood.

Durability and stability

One of the main advantages of film faced plywood is its excellent durability and stability. These plates have been specially treated to have good waterproof and moisture-proof properties, so that they can maintain stability in various environments and are not easy to deform. Manufacturers such as chantagroup strictly control the production process to ensure that each laminate meets the highest standards.

Improve construction efficiency

The use of laminating board greatly improves the construction efficiency. Because of its smooth surface, it can be directly used to pour concrete, eliminating the subsequent plastering and grinding processes. This not only saves time but also reduces labor costs.

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