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Full Birch Plywood

Specifications: 1220mm*2440mm
Material: birch
Glue: E0,E1,E2,wbp phenolic glue
Delivery Time: 20 days after payment
Payment: L/C,T/T


Name Birch Plywood
Size 1220x2440mm,1250x2500mm,1250x3000mm,or as Customized
Thickness 2.7~30mm
Face/Back Birch
Core Material Birch,Eucalyptus,Poplar,Combi core or as request
Glue Phenolic,MDI ,E0,E1,E2
Surface Treatment Polished/Non-Polished
Density 620-750kg/m3
Moisture Content 8%~14%
Usage Furniture,Laser Die Cutting,Toy,Loud Speaker,Construction,Flooring,etc
Certification FSC,CE,EUTR,CARB,EPA
Birch plywood is commonly used for furnitureThe main core is poplar,combi or hardwood coreOur normal thickness include 3-30mm and so on.The normal grade offace and back include D/E D+/E, C/Dand so on. As the highest grade plywood,it can work as raw material for cabinet,wardrobetablelaser cutting and moud curve.There is no need to use edge banding tocover its naturak edge looking.

Birch plywood is made up of an odd number of layers, usually three to thirteen, with each layer being laid perpendicular to the previous one. The layers are bonded together with a strong adhesive to create a flat, stable, and rigid panel. The face and back veneers are usually of high-quality birch, while the inner layers can be made of different wood species.

Birch plywood is relatively strong compared to its counterpart, solid wood. This lightweight and budget-friendly Birch plywood offers exceptional durability, rigidity, and stability for all your woodworking needs. Its surfaces provide excellent holding power for glue and screws.Birch plywood is used a lot in creating concrete molds, building boats, boat,etc . Especially, in the interior design of modern houses, Plywood industrial wood is used a lot in the production of furniture. Furniture such as beds, wardrobes, TV shelves, desks, even sofas,etc

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what is birch plywood?

Strength and Durability: Birch plywood has excellent structural strength. Plywood is made up of multiple thin layers of birch veneer, each layer is criss-crossed and bonded together according to the grain of the wood, making it incredibly resilient. And it can withstand huge loads, making it ideal for applications that require strong support.

Smooth Surface: One of the distinguishing characteristics of birch plywood is its exceptionally smooth and uniform surface. Birch’s fine-grained texture combined with its consistent layering helps create the perfect canvas for finishing treatments such as painting, staining or veneering.

Beautiful Wood Texture: The birch plywood surface has a natural birch wood texture, and the light color appearance adds a touch of elegance to any project. The clean, blemish-free surface accentuates its natural beauty, making it the first choice for applications where aesthetics are important, such as furniture, cabinetry and interior decoration.

Versatility Across Applications: The versatility of this wood is unmatched. It can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of creative activities, from complex woodworking projects and furniture making to architectural paneling and model making. Its inherent strength and refined appearance make it equally suitable for structural and decorative applications.

Using log solid wood board, the material is all kinds of wood sterilized by high temperature and high pressure. Low moisture content, suitable for most environments.
It is made of log wood, which is not easily deformed after processing, has good bearing capacity and can be reused.
Good toughness, stable performance, fine wood texture, not easy to deform and split.


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